Double Three Security SVS Sdn. Bhd. is a private limited company incorporated on 7th November 2012 and has been granted a license by the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia to provide security services under the Private Agency Act 1971. Since mid-year 2014, Double Three Security SVS Sdn. Bhd. has begun the company operations after obtaining approval from Kementerian Dalam Negeri ( KDN ) to hire a total 160 Nepalese Guards directly from Nepal.

Although we are a new security company but we are determined to maintain a high standard in all aspects in this business because we take your security needs seriously, whether it is a one man duty or a 100 man team, we have the capability to reach the required target given.

Double Three Security SVS Sdn. Bhd. is envisioned to setting the standard for security excellence with the leadership of our army personnel and martial art expert.

We are here to protect your assets and premises from dangers and threats. From private homes to condominiums, banks to shopping complexes, industrial premises to high value asset factories; we have the flexibility in deployment to meet your specific security needs.