Q1 ) What should I look for in a reputable security company ?

All security companies operating in Malaysia must register their company with Companies Commission of Malaysia under 1965 Company Act and obtain a security company licence with Kementerian Dalam Negeri ( KDN ) under Seksyen 3, Akta Agensi Persendirian No27/71 as well as register themselves with Finance Ministry for Sijir Akuan Pendaftaran Syarikat.   The security companies must have a current public liability insurance to secure the property and lives of the third party.

Security companies without these registrations and licences will bring high risk to your property and lives as they are not a legitimate and registered company to SAFE GUARD your lives as well your premises. They can not purchase any third party insurance to compensate your loses in any unfortunate event(s) too.

YOU have the right and should ask your security provider for a copy of their licence and their public liability insurance before allowing them to conduct any service for you.  (In fact we highly recommend this!)

Q2 ) Do your security guards have criminal background checks ?

Yes, all our local guards have gone through a mandatory background checks by KDN for any previous criminal records and for Nepal guards, their records will be checked by Nepal authorities. All our Nepal guards are valid work permit holders as approved by KDN. Before hiring any local employer, we will conduct our own second investigation to them by contacting their previous employer for references.

Q3 ) How do you hire your Nepal guards ?

We hand pick our Nepal guards in Nepal. For every Nepal guard we hire, we interviewed them personally before we decide to employ them. We hope by these personal observations, we can have a better judgement instead of believing blindly on paper qualifications.

Q4 ) What is the criteria your company look into a Nepal guard ?

Firstly, preferably formal army or policemen with good physical fitness because they are more accustomed to the discipline and teamwork required – values that D3 emphasis in our company culture. Secondly, good working attitude and honesty. Currently there is no paper qualification can showcase the two values above, so D3 conducts interview in Nepal before hiring these guards because we believe one cannot hide their personalities through face to face interview.

Q5 ) What training do the guard have ?

Besides mandatory 5D4N Certified Security Guard Course conducted by KDN to qualified Malaysian guards, Nepal guards in our company will go through a series of training and tested internally by D3 officers before they are deploy to our clientele. Please look for TRAINING in the webpage.

Q6 ) Does your security company have insurance ?

Yes. We have RM1,000,000 liability insurance and RM100,000 professional Indemnity insurance as regulated by KDN lincensing. These insurance can protect your premises and business in an unfortunate event involving security.

Q7 ) What if a guard is not performing as expected ?

Our guards will perform their duties according to S.O.P. as required and agreed between you and our company. We will replace the security guard who is under-perform to guarantee your satisfaction. We welcome any feedback regarding our guards’ performance for our internal training purposes and future quality improvement of the company.