Our customer services are designed to assist you so that you can focus on your profession and leave your security to us. We will maintain constant vigilance towards our clients’ security and well-being by guarding and watching over the premises and facilities whether it is your private home, guarded residential area, factory or commercial premises. Hence your valuable resources, time and energy can be channeled to ignite higher productivity levels for you and enable yourself to enjoy more quality time with your loved ones.

1. Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard
Our security guards consist mainly of retired army and police forces both from Nepal ( With legitimate work permit for security guard ) and Malaysia, they have been individually hand-picked and background screened by KDN to ensure that they are par to our stringent company standards.

2. Armed Security Guard

Armed Security Guard
Armed security guards consist mainly of retired army and police forces from Malaysia, which have been thoroughly selected throughout multiple individual screenings by KDN to align them with our tough company regulations.

3. Executive Close Protection Service

Executive Close Protection Service
We provide close protection service for prominent people at various events and social functions. Our Executive Close Protection personnel escorts the VIPs from one location to the next, assuring their safety at all times.Equipped with specialised knowledge in security, our Executive Close Protection personnel are capable of planning routes for the assignment, assess the threats, analyse the sites and craft itineraries for the VIPs prior to the assignments.Every Executive Close Protection personnel has to go through continues selection processes and body guarding SOP before they are able to provide these elite security force services for high status people. They have undergone martial arts close contact combat and weaponry training to make sure every assignment is effectively carried out.Services Provided:

  • Personal Body Guard
  • Celebrities Escort
  • Commercial VVIP Escort
  • Business Associates Escort

4. Private Investigation

Private Investigation
Double Three’s team of Private Investigators are well trained and highly experienced to handle a wide range of investigative assignments.Private investigation services are here to help you to identify the perpetrators involved in your organisation’s confidential commercial information leak, industrial espionage, copyright infringement and many more services upon your requirement, Double Three’s investigator will strive to collect evidence to expose those ill-intentioned scoundrels and secure your respective properties.

5. Guard Dogs

The guard dogs
We provide guard dogs for patrolling your premises upon request. The guard dogs are well trained, and the handlers are well aware of the assignment’s S.O. P.

6. Security Technology

Security Technology
We believe that incorporating technologies in our assignments to meet your needs is crucial because these technologies can enhance our security personnel’s efficiency in carrying out their jobs.The equipments included:

  • Operations Centre provide 24 hours Monitoring System
  • Security Controlling Equipment
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarms