Well-trained Security Guards

The value that our company carries closely to heart is Continuous Professional Training. We belief that continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills will ensure our guards to be able to perform their duties with ever-changing security environments and customer requirements.

Training has always been the integral component of our operation as it makes a significant difference to the competency of our guards. Hence, all of our security guards are further trained by our company’s Security Instructors in the following fields before they have passed the Evaluation Test set by Double Three SVS and then only they can bear our D3 logo to provide service to our clients :

1. Standard Operation Procedure (S.O.P.)

2. Communication In English

Standard Operation Procedure Communication In English

3. Marching

4. Martial Art Training

Marching Martial Art Training

5. Fire Fighting

6. First Aid

Fire Fighting First Aid

7. Access Control

8. Patrolling

Access Control Patrolling

9. Weaponry

WeaponryTo maintain the efficiency in handling weapons under any situation, our security personnel are frequently sent for shooting drills.

10. Emergency Drills

Emergency Drills are scheduled periodically for our security personnel and are supervised by D3 Instructors from our training centre.

Clients’ Benefit

This will be an extra benefit for our clients as our security guards are equipped with security related knowledge and skill as well as safety self-defence tactics to manage and diffuse aggressive situations effectively.